Organizations that support force-free dog training

We are not the only ones out there, that want to train our dogs without fear or intimidation! The movement towards positive reinforcement training and away from painful and distressing dog training methods is growing.

Here are some organizations, and other useful resources that can help you learn to give your dog the best life.  


Many of these organizations provide education for trainers, and a list of accredited professionals that you can trust. 

Certification Council For Professional Dog Trainers

The CCPDT is a professional body providing certification for dog trainers in the USA that practice modern, science-based dog training. There are two dog trainer certifications to look out for. They are CPDT-KA, and CPDT-KSA.

International Association Of Animal Behavior Consultants

The IAABC members sets ethical standards for animal trainers and behaviorists in line with the LIMA  (Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive) protocol. Members must agree to LIMA principles and the IAABC Code of Ethics.

Animal Behaviour And Training Council

The ABTC is a UK charity that sets and maintains standards in animal training. It provides a register of trainers and behaviorists that meet those standards.

Association Of Pet Dog Trainers (UK)

The British APDT supports science-based positive reinforcement training in the UK. Member trainers have to pass an assessment and agree to the APDT’s code of practice. They have a list of accredited dog trainers on their website. Trainers are not permitted to use, or recommend, aversive or punitive training methods.

Karen Pryor Academy

Started by positive reinforcement training pioneer Karen Pryor, and based in the USA, the KPA provide education in force-free training for animal trainers and behaviorists worldwide.

The Institute Of Modern Dog Trainers

The IMDT offers accredited education for dog trainers in the UK. They accredit force-free dog trainers and are opposed to methods that may cause physical or mental distress.

Pet Dog Trainers Of Europe

Founded in 1998 by Turid Rugaas, the PDTE is a community of dog training professionals that share a code of ethics opposed to the use of pain or intimidation in dog training. They have trainers across Europe and in some parts of the USA

Pet Professional Guild

The guild promotes the use of positive, science based training and animal management, and reject the use of fear, force or pain in animal training. They maintain a register of pet professionals that adhere to their code of practice.

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