Puppy Parenting: Raise Your Puppy Right!

The Perfect Way To Get Your Puppy Off To A Great Start And Solve Your Puppy Problems

The Puppy Parenting course not only teaches you how to bond with, and care for, your precious new puppy, it also gives you the skills you need to start training your puppy and improving their behavior.  

By the end of this puppy parenting course you will:

  • Know what to do when you bring your puppy home
  • Have everything you need to settle your puppy in
  • Know how to get your puppy to sleep at night
  • Feel more confident about raising your puppy 
  • Know how to potty train your puppy 
  • Have a puppy that listens to you 
  • Know how to change your puppy's behavior 
  • Have a puppy that is ready to start training
  • Know how to deal with a naughty puppy
  • Be a confident and knowledgeable puppy parent.

The Dogsnet Training Program was created by best-selling author Pippa Mattinson. Pippa's attention to detail and step-by-step instructions have helped thousands of dog owners around the world.

"Living with a well-trained dog is fun! I have spent some of the best moments of my life in the company of dogs, and it's my aim to help you enjoy your dogs too."

Who Is The Course For?

If you...

  • Have a puppy under 12 weeks old
  • Are getting a puppy soon
  • Are having problems with a young puppy
  • Want to have more fun with your puppy

...then this course will help you

What's Inside The Course?


Before Your Puppy Arrives

Planning ahead can make all the difference between enjoying your puppy and struggling to cope. If you've never had a puppy before this section will be invaluable

If your last puppy was a few years ago, we'll bring you up to date with the latest puppy care advice and information

You don't need to spend a fortune to care for a tiny puppy. So we also help you choose what you really need to buy and avoid expensive mistakes.


Settling In: The First Few Days

We'll support you through those all important first few days of puppy parenting. Step by step, starting with the very first day and night. 

You'll learn some games and simple training exercises designed with very new puppies in mind. These will help you bond with your puppy and give you some powerful skills for shaping your puppy's behavior

We'll also make sure you are right on track with potty training and crate training


Home And Away

In this section you'll find everything you need to get out and about with your puppy. We'll talk about car travel and visiting friends, and make sure you get your puppy properly socialized

We'll also help you get your puppy used to being handled and wearing a harness and leash

You'll find training exercises in this section too and teach your puppy how to say please, and when to be quiet!


Day By Day: Solving Common Puppy Problems

This is where you'll find the answers to your puppy problems. From potty training to biting and stealing, we'll help you figure out where you went wrong and how to get back on track

Our training exercises will help you teach your puppy to let go of your stuff, and you'll teach your puppy to listen to you and build foundations for a great puppy recall

What Dogsnet Students Say About Our First Course!

The Puppy Parenting course launches in March 2020 - Our Foundation Skills course opened in November 2019 and is already up and running. This is what those students are saying:

  • Emma is training English Springer Spaniel Moby. She says “Loving the course, we're both having so much fun...whenever I go to the room I train him in he bounds after me and sits attentively ready to start!”
  • Ros is putting all four of her lucky rescue dogs through the course. She says “Me and my 4 are loving this course, it’s fun with short achievable sessions which in this busy life makes 
  • you want to train, as it isn’t a chore.”

  • Jennifer and Steve say “Having this online option allows us to train at our pace, in our preferred environment and when it best suits our puppy!  Nothing but a win-win all the way around.” 
  • Sian from South Wales is training 10 month old Gwenni.  She says “I’ve learnt so much already about dealing with successes and failures” and adds “I’m benefiting from and enjoying the forum too and it’s sooo helpful having my questions answered.”

Included In The Price

  • Four modules each with at least nine lesson. Thirty-six lessons in all. More lessons may be added in time
  • Informative and educational videos from Pippa plus videos demonstrating the techniques and showing puppies being trained
  • Student's dashboard, with progress monitor and access to the course material for up to three months 
  • Access to a private students' forum for up to 1 year

 Enrollment in Puppy Parenting opens in March and costs just 


Have some questions? Scroll on down for the FAQ or email us [email protected]

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Not quite sure?

If you are not quite sure if this is the course for you, tap on the questions to read the replies

FAQ#1 Is My Puppy Too Old?

The course is aimed at those expecting puppies or with puppies from 8-12 weeks of age. You'll get the most out of the course if your puppy hasn't arrived yet. If your puppy is nearly 12 weeks you might be better off with the Foundation Skills course. 

FAQ#3 Do I Need Equipment?

We make suggestions for puppy equipment and you'll need a harness and crate if you want to complete all the exercises included in the videos. 

FAQ #5 How Much In My Currency?

Course prices are in US dollars, however, you can pay in any currency. Exchange rates vary from day to day but you can calculate today's rate with an online currency converter

FAQ#2 Can I Access The Whole Course?

The four modules described above are available from the date of purchase. Any bonus content added will be available after 7 days

FAQ#4How Does The Guarantee Work?

We offer a full refund if you let us know within 48 hours of purchase that the course is not for you. 

This is the course I wish I had had when I had my first puppy. I firmly believe that the more information you have, the happier you and your puppy will be. 

I'm so excited to share my knowledge with you using the Dogsnet Online Training Program.  It allows me to include so much more than I could ever put in a book.  And I think you'll have hours of fun, putting these simple and effective strategies into practice!

Pippa Mattinson

Author of The Happy Puppy Handbook, Total Recall, The Labrador Handbook, The Happy Cat Handbook and, Choosing The Perfect Puppy .

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